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What can you do with a little energy?

he green ball represents smart energy. It’s exciting to see what kind of possibility sparks when it collides with different ideas, and lead us toward the future full of unbounded potential.


In collaboration with 3D team at NullsDesign, Finger and Toe created the animation for Gogoro’s latest scooter launch!





Client | Gogoro

Creative | Gogoro

Production Company | LUCKYSPARKS

Animation Studio | Finger and Toe

Executive Producer | 高郁傑 Otis Kao

Director | 林筱敏 HsiaoMin Lin

Post Production Producer | 吳珮瑜 Sunny Wu

Producer Assistant | 王芃勻 Daiso Wang

Storyboard | 張超傑 Super Dog

Editor | 吳珮瑜 Sunny Wu / 王芃勻 Daiso Wang


2D Designer | 林筱敏 HsiaoMin Lin

2D Animator | 莊凱開 Kyle jhuang / 林孟學 Meng-Hsueh Lin


3D Motion Production | 空集設計 Nulls Design

3D Styleframe & Motion Design | 徐光慧 Sylvia Hsu、劉承杰 Jie Liou

3D Compositing | 徐光慧 Sylvia Hsu、劉承杰 Jie Liou

3D Producer | 董建潁 Jhin Dong


Voice over | Brandon

VO Recording | 大河音樂工作室

Sound Design | HYPERLUNG Studio

Sound Mixer | HYPERLUNG Studio / 大河音樂工作室

Stock Footage Provided By Gogoro / NotReal

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