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JJ Lin 林俊傑 ft. Anne-Marie

《Bedroom》Official Lyric Video

At the night of breaking up, the estranged lovers hold on to the last thread of hope, furtively wishing their counterpart would make amends, and they perhaps still have a future…



Production Company 製作公司 | LUCKYSPARKS

Director 導演 | Finger and Toe

Executive Producer 監製 | 高郁傑 Otis Kao

Creative Director 創意導演 | 林筱敏 HsiaoMin Lin

Post Producer 後期製片 | 吳珮瑜 Sunny Wu

Designer 設計師 | Lucas Paixão ( lucas paixão 盧卡斯の漫畫

Cel Animator 逐格動畫師 | Lucas Paixão (lucas paixão 盧卡斯の漫畫

Animator 動畫師 | 深淵 AyuanDeep

Assistant Animator 動畫協力 | 黃思倩 Ssu Chien Huang

Compositing 合成師 | 深淵 AyuanDeep

Storyboard 腳本師 | 張超傑 Super Dog

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