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Hybrid Learning Solution

In the year 2020, many unperdictables happened, many students and teachers are forced to stay at home.​​​​​​​

Then there's the big hands from Myviewboard, helping us in both physical and virtual classroom, so that we could accomplish all tasks. 

We choose birds as our characters not only because Viewsonic’s logo is three birds on a stick, but also birds are cute!


Client | ViewSonic
Production Company | Finger and Toe
Director | 張超傑 Super Dog
Producer | 吳珮瑜 Sunny Wu
Producer Assistant | 王芃勻 Daiso Wang
Storyboard | 張超傑 Super Dog
Editor | 王芃勻 Daiso Wang
Designer | 許芳瑜 Fang-Yu Hsu / 張超傑 Super Dog
Animation-lead | 張超傑 Super Dog
Animation | 林孟學 Meng-Hsueh Lin / 林庭歆 Doz Lin / 謝耗 how
Compositing | 林孟學 Meng-Hsueh Lin / 陳奇逸 ChiGer Chen
Sound Design | Yessian Music / 王文星 Wenhsing Wang
Sound Mixer | 王文星 Wenhsing Wang