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Calyx - Sense Complexity

In this new film "Calyx - Sense Complexity", Finger and Toe explores the nuances of sensing technology and how Calyx is breaking barriers, bringing the industry to new heights with its multi-gas detection sensors. Animated for your easy digestion, check out the film to learn more about this complex subject matter.


在”Calyx - Sense Complexity”新作品裡,我們探索了傳感技術的細微差異,透過動畫,一起學習專業知識吧!

Director | Finger and Toe
Executive Producer | 林聖峯 BANANA
Creative Director | HsiaoMin Lin
Producer | 吳珮瑜 Sunny Wu
Animation Director | 陳奇逸 ChiGer Chen
Copywriter | Reider Larsen
Designer | 許芳瑜 Fang-Yu Hsu / HsiaoMin Lin
Animator | 何佳珍 Cathy ho / 陳騏 Chi Chen / 李葳靜 Peggy Lee / 陳郁翔 Gy Sean (@晚熊創意) / 陳奇逸 ChiGer Chen
Storyboard | 許芳瑜 Fang-Yu Hsu
Cel Animator | 張超傑 Super Dog
3D Animation | 陳奇逸 ChiGer Chen / 陳勁瑋 Jimmy Chen /
林貫洋 Guan Lin
Compositing | 陳奇逸 ChiGer Chen
Editor | 劉克聞 Kowen Liu / 吳珮瑜 Sunny Wu
Sound Designer | Gabriel Lo / 張倫嘉(@量子影創)
Voiceover | Reider Larsen
Special Thanks | Charlie Chen

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