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Cherng X Boon Hui Lu -'Goofing Off '

Music Artist | Boon Hui Lu 文慧如

Creative Direction | Finger and Toe
Executive Producer | Cindy Ho
Producer | Cindy Ho
Animation Director | 炸臭比比 / KAI
Storyboard Artist | 炸臭比比 / KAI
Art Director | 炸臭比比 / KAI / BOOC
Designer | 炸臭比比 / KAI / BOOC / 林孟學 / 黃史提夫
Compositing | BOOC / 林孟學 / 黃史提夫 / 呂瑋嘉
Painting Artist | Su Sheng Yang / 陳勁瑋 / Julie Pan / Cindy Ho

Finger and Toe recently invited KAI to direct an animation music video adventure for the iconic character Malayan Tapir by Cherng. As we start the new year, let’s all remember to be true to ourselves no matter what we encounter in this life.

Finger and Toe 這次邀請團隊中的新秀"KAI 楷神"- 執導馬來貘出道五週年主題曲MV。隨著2018年美好開展,不論遭遇什麼事,都要誠實地面對自己,傾聽內心的聲音。

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