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Erin Song - 'Mysterious Woman'

Finger and Toe’s fun and carefree new music video for Erin Song, follows Erin as she cruises through town on a beautiful, sunny day. Finger and Toe’s soft, colorful style is a perfect match for the breezy, upbeat song that is a perfect addition to any summer playlist.

謎樣女子 宋楚琳 x 鬼才製作人 馬念先


她的假日,決定帶著自己去海邊泡水。戴上大大的耳環,永遠都是擦著那條艷紅色的口紅,不喜歡擦防曬乳,穿著自己最喜歡的那條喇叭褲,帶著自己去海邊,跟平常一樣與自己相處,大步的闊步走在街上,她看到喜歡的對象,不打擾他,借位的跟他乾杯,她想到自己還是獨自一人,不是沒有人喜歡,只是太清楚自己的喜好。當她內心決定接受原本的自己後,隨著蝴蝶起舞,最後在海邊遇到有個喜歡最真實自己的對象“不用為她操心baby ,她總是這樣的相信”

The lyrics come from Erin having an honest conversation with herself, and the light reggae style reflects her outlook on life.

During this day off, she decides to go down to the beach. She puts on big hoop earrings and bright red lipstick. She doesn't like wearing sunscreen and as she walks towards the beach in her favorite pair of bell-bottoms, she enjoys the feeling of the sun on her skin. She's confident and comfortable, she walks down the street in big strides. She knows what she likes, but when she sees someone that catches her eye, she doesn't stop to talk, she takes a moment to enjoy a drink and carry on. She doesn't want to spoil the feeling of freedom that comes from walking through town on a sunny day. As she becomes more and more comfortable with who she is, she starts following the languid dance of a passing butterfly that leads her towards the sea. When she finally reaches the beach, she feels like her most honest self, and she's not the only one who notices. Then again she's always known, that if you want someone to like you for who you truly are, you have to truly be yourself.

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Director | Finger and Toe

Executive Producer | Charlie Chen

Creative Director | HsiaoMin Lin

Producer | 吳珮瑜 Sunny Wu

Animation Director | 陳奇逸 ChiGer Chen

Storyboard | 張超傑 Super Dog

Compositing | 陳奇逸 ChiGer Chen

Designer | 許芳瑜 Fang-Yu Hsu / HsiaoMin Lin

Cel Animator | 張超傑 Super Dog / 林庭歆 Doz Lin / 賴曼琳 Peter Mann / 謝耗 how / 林嫈瑜 Bubu Lin

Editor | 吳珮瑜 Sunny Wu

Special Thanks | 陳勁瑋MiuLa Chen

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