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Mediatek -

'NeuroPilot Artificial Intelligence'

MediaTek’s NeuroPilot is a giant step in bringing advance AI functionalities to the heart of everyday devices. As a pioneer in developing powerful, highly integrated and efficient System-on-chip products, MediaTek is empowering the future of AI. By creating an ecosystem of Edge-AI hardware processing with comprehensive software tools, MediaTek’s NeuroPilot will make various daily devices like Automotive, Home-Devices, Wearables, IoT & SmartPhones, smarter and receptive to various human needs. MediaTek NeuroPilot SDK is a culmination of various processing units, that function together as a progressive AI processing unit, which is highly power efficient than a CPU, And MediaTek NeuroPilot supports all the popular AI frameworks to deploy the NeuroPilot Edge AI devices everywhere.

At MediaTek, we are making AI accessible to everyone & Everything!!!

Animation Studio | Finger and Toe
Creative Director | Redpeak
Director | ChiGer Chen
Storyboard | ChiGer Chen
Designer | ChiGer Chen / Booc
Animation | ChiGer Chen / Booc / 林孟學
Music & Sound Design | 余昊益

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