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Umbo CV - ‘Light’

This is a story of a young boy's adventure in the pursuit of light, believing that light brings positive effects in this world. The young boy symbolizes the Umbo CV team in their efforts to pursue and shed positive light to our cities with their development of AI surveillance technology.

Client : Umbo CV
Animation Studio : Finger and Toe
Creative Direction : Finger and Toe
Executive Producer : Charlie Chen
Creative Director : Su Sheng Yang
Animation Producer : 林思翰 Hanson Lin
Copywriter : SURE
Storyboard Artist : 張世楷 Shih Kai Chang
Designer : 林筱敏 Shiao Min Lin、張世楷 Shih Kai Chang
Animator : 林思翰 Hanson Lin、陳奇逸 Chiger Chen
Music Composer:余昊益 Howie Yu、陳威愷 Wei Kai Chen
Sound Designer:余昊益 Howie Yu、陳威愷 Wei Kai Chen
Cel Animation:張世楷 Shih Kai Chang、林品宏 Ping Hong Lin
3D Artist : 陳奇逸 Chiger Chen、黃鈺凱 Steve Huang
Compositing : 陳奇逸 Chiger Chen
Voiceover : Reider Larsen

Here's a peak behind the scenes of how our team made "Light", an animation brand film for Umbo CV. Hope you enjoy it!

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